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Sterling, VA

Vidéos d'assistance à la clientèle

Battery Pack Connection - Power Rocker Recliner

La⁠-⁠Z⁠-⁠Time 44 Power Series – How to Install the Optional Lithium-Ion Battery Pack 

Wall and Battery Power for Motion Sofas

Prefix 33 Power Series – How to Install the Optional Lithium-Ion Battery Pack

How to Pair a Replacement Wireless Remote

Prefix 33 Power Series – How to Pair the Optional Wireless Remote

Battery Pack Connection - 44 Power Series

Power Rocker Recliner – Optional Lithium-Ion Battery Pack

Recliner Legrest Safety Function

Power Reclining – Legrest Safety Functionality

Recliners Back Recline Resistance Adjustment

Recliners and Reclining Upholstery – How to Adjust the Wing-Nuts Tension Adjustments

Rocker Operation

Fonctionnement simple du mécanisme de bascule à crémaillère d’un fauteuil Reclina-Rocker

How to Replace the Handle

How to Replace the Lift Handle on a La⁠-⁠Z⁠-⁠Boy Recliner or Motion Sofa

Locating Factory Tags

Where to Find the "ACK" Number on Your La⁠-⁠Z⁠-⁠Boy Product

Finley How to Install and Remove the Back

Comment installer et démonter le dossier du fauteuil inclinable

Smooth Operation of Legrest

Simple Operation of a La⁠-⁠Z⁠-⁠Boy Reclina-Rocker Chair Footrest

Entretien fréquent

Regular Maintenance of Your La⁠-⁠Z⁠-⁠Boy Recliner or Sofa

Rocker Recliner Reducing Noise Level

Addressing the Footrest Noise Level of a La⁠-⁠Z⁠-⁠Boy Recliner or Motion Sofa

Glide Height Adjustment

How to Adjust the Adjustable Glides on La⁠-⁠Z⁠-⁠Time Reclining Sofa

Comment fermer un matelas Slymber Air

Slumberair – Comment le fermer

Remplacement de la valve Slumber Air

Slumberair – Remplacement de la valve

Installation du matelas Slumber Air

Slumberair – Installation

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