Investir dans nos employés

Our mission

The mission of La-Z-boy is to build an environment of everyday leadership by continually investing in employee growth and development. We accomplish this goal through core leadership training programs focused on feedback and coaching, as well as targeted development for high-potential employees and individuals in key roles. La-Z-boy also honors employee accomplishments through our Bravo recognition platform where managers and peers can send personal messages and rewards for a job well done.

Employee engagement

La-Z-boy conducted an enterprise-wide employee engagement survey in March of 2019, with a greater than 85% response rate. The survey measured both employee engagement and employee enablement. La-Z-boy scored at or above the relevant benchmarks in both categories. Key strengths include that our people are committed to the company’s strategy, that we have a strong performance culture where employees understand what is expected of them, and that La-Z-boy expects high levels of performance. Our commitment to quality also is evident in the survey’s results with respect to providing high-quality customer experiences and our employees’ commitment to delivering high-quality work. As an opportunity, La-Z-boy is actively working to improve its approach to decision making by delegating authority and empowering our employees to develop solutions to business challenges. The company plans to conduct follow-up surveys every two to three years.

Creating a diverse & inclusive culture

We believe in creating a workplace that reflects the world in which we live. To support this, we launched a Diversity and Inclusion Council at our corporate headquarters, which will be extended throughout the organization. Our Diversity and Inclusion Council helps our employees find common ground and use their collective voices to make a difference at La-Z-boy. It enables a structure to: provide advocacy and support for diverse employees; encourage talent acquisition to deliver diverse candidate slates; partner with community organizations that serve diverse populations; and develop learning opportunities for La-Z-boy employees.

One of our core values, Stay Connected, is a tenet that focuses on the importance of diversity and inclusion, and encourages a more collaborative and creative environment for employees at all levels.

By ensuring our business and teams are representative of the unique and diverse culture in which we live, we can attract the best talent and best serve our customers in the diverse communities where we operate.

A Message on Social and Racial Injustice, June 10, 2020

Employee safety & well-being

At La-Z-boy, the safety and wellness of our employees is paramount to our culture. Through training, education and an extensive awareness program, we empower employees and leaders to help ensure everyone stays safe on the job. As of the end of Fiscal 2020, two of our manufacturing locations have celebrated furniture industry leading milestones without a lost-time incident. Our Dayton, TN facility achieved 18 808 706 hours, and our Neosho, MO plant achieved 11 501 803 hours without a lost-time incident. Both records eclipse the prior American Home Furnishings Association record of 6,5 million hours set in 2006 and they are both continuing to extend as of the end of Fiscal 2020.

Since Fiscal 2012, on an enterprise-wide basis, we have reduced our OSHA Recordable Injury Rate by over 70% and are among the best in the industry.

The company’s 2019 employee engagement survey indicated that our employees believe our commitment to safety is one of our clear strengths and a hallmark of our environment and culture.

One of the industry’s best

Over the past four calendar years, La-Z-boy has been recognized by the National Safety Council (NSC) with more than 100 awards for performance and leadership in safety, including being a three-time recipient of the Corporate Safety Culture Award.

This prestigious award honors select corporations that have demonstrated leadership and commitment to safety inside the workplace and in the community.

We recognize and thank our employees and leadership teams across the company for making safety a top priority every day.

2020 Vert Cross Safety Excellence Award

Recipient of the 2020 National Safety Council Vert Cross Safety Excellence Award with the company recognized for its work to reduce ergonomic injuries with a four-phase program over a five-year period. During that time, the company reduced ergonomic injuries by 64%, reduced the average cost of workers compensation claims by 73% and increased the average efficiency of manufacturing employees by nearly 8%.

La-Z-boy human and labor rights

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Supplier relations

A close, collaborative relationship with suppliers allows us to provide maximum value to our customers through competitive prices, high quality and world-class service. These relationships are reinforced at our annual La-Z-boy Supplier Summit, where we recognize our best performing suppliers, share business updates, and roll-out new programs. We also discuss the importance of environmental initiatives, working with suppliers to integrate sound and sustainable business practices that have an impact in their local communities as well as globally. We believe that creating an atmosphere where employees and suppliers work well together is key to everyone’s success.

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