Natural resources


We are constantly looking for ways to conserve water throughout our operations. The amount of water we used on-site and the wastewater treated off-site as a result of our utility monitored operations for Fiscal 2019* was as follows:

Water use: 43 713 650

LZB Branded Manufacturing 29 763 043
LZB Distribution Centers 970 294
LZB Retail 10 685 812
LZB Casegoods 912 610
LZB World HQ 1 381 891

Wastewater treated off-site: 27 899 425


As of Fiscal 2019, our water conservation efforts have reduced the amount of water used by our LZB Branded Manufacturing operations by more than 25 000 000 gallons compared with 2007 usage.

Land, forests, and biodiversity

We have sourcing policies and processes in place to help us ensure we comply with the legal sourcing requirements of the Lacey Act and eliminate illegal logging activities. We obtain many of our wood materials and components from suppliers that have implemented sustainable forest management practices or from sustainable plantation-grown renewable rubber-wood. We also use many other wood- and fiber-based materials made with recycled or recovered paper.

The total weight of wood fiber purchased for Fiscal 2020 was approximately 60 825 metric tons. This includes engineered wood, lumber/hardwoods and panel board.

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